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Distribution automation system mainly consists of main substation, data communication system and distribution automation remote terminations, the remote termination is the connection port between automation system and primary equipment.

BC3600-I distribution automation remote termination (hereinafter called FTU) as the core unit of distribution automation system, mainly perform the functions of local acquisition of AC measured parameters (such as voltage, current, power, energy and etc) and status parameters (such as the position of breaker, charging status of the operating mechanism), and execute the command from remote control center (such as: tripping the breaker)

FTU can choose RS232、RS48、power line wave carrier、or optical fiber (optical MODEM self-provided, able to communicate directly with optical fiber), the FTU can connect with SCADA of main substation, and perform the protective and supervision functions on distribution line.

FTU is widely used in the 10KV distribution line, to supervise the load switch, sectionalizer, or interconnection switch of ring main system.