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BM100 multifunctional power meter adopts the latest 32-bit ARM microprocessor and DSP, integrated with the full three-phase energy metering/display, energy accumulation, digital input and network communications. Large-size high resolutions LCD can meet with your demand completely and its elegant and bright backlit display can make you watch data clearly even at dark, HMI can let user operate it very easily. BM100 meter display the content in multiple rows, show several parameters at one time without pushing key.


BM100 multifunctional power meter can work independently, to replace a lot of traditional analog meters. Also it can be used as the ending unit of SCADA, to perform the remote acquisition of data and control. Provided with RS-485 and MODBUS communication protocol, make it to form a network very easily, which is an ideal choice for SCADA system.

Energy Management

BM100 multifunctional power meter can measure and accumulate the bidirectional four-quadrant KWH and KWHr, and provide high level electricity data, which is a key factor for feeder statistics.

Remote Power Supervision

Though BM100 multifunctional power meter is mainly used to measure the data, also it provides full I/O functions, able to work as separate RTU, to perform remote signaling and remote measurement.

The follows are the main functions of this meter.


Measurement at real time

Phase voltage: V1,V2,V3,Vlnavg

Line voltage: V12,V23,V31,Vllavg

Current: I1,I2,I3,Iavg,In

Active power: the active power of each phase and the system

Reactive power: the reactive power of each phase and the system

Apparent power: the apparent power of each phase and the system

Power factor: the power factor of each phase and the system

System frequency


Four-quadrant KWH

Four-quadrant KWHR

Active power, reactive power

4 loops digital input (dry/wet point)



RS485 port

MODBUSRTU protocol

Remote supervision


BM100 meter can be used in such fields as below:

• Distribution automation system

• Smart switchgear

• Industrial automation

• Smart buildings

• Energy management system

• Large UPS system


BM100 multifunctional power meter has following features:

Multifunction, high accuracy: This meter has powerful function of data acquisition and processing, able to measure tens of parameters such as voltages, currents, power, frequency and etc common values, energy accumulation and etc. the measurement accuracy of voltage, current is 0.2%, power 0.5%, KWH accuracy as IEC62053-21 class 1.0

Mini size, easy installation, complied with DIN96X96 standard, mounting thickness only 55mm, it can be assembled in small compartment of draw-out type switchgear, self-locking device provide for installing, mounting screws not needed.

Directly and visible display, easy to operate, large screen, high resolution LCD, all measured data can be read through pushing keys, also the parameter setting can be performed through the keys on panel or communication port. The setting values are saved in EEPROM, and not lost even in case of power failure.

LCD screen has backlit, help the user read the data in the dark, the lighting modes of backlit can be chosen by user

Technical specifications


Power source

Input:   100–240VAC,100–300VDC

Power consumption: Max.3W,230VAC 

Voltage input:

Primary voltage of PT: Highest voltage 500kVac

Secondary voltage of PT: 230Vac(L-N),400Vac(L-L), allowed over-voltage: 20%

Permissible frequency: 45~65Hz

Permissible overload of input voltage: 2 times of rating (continuous), 2500Vac/1sec (non-cycle)

Consumption of PT loop:  less than 0.2VA

Measurement mode: AC sampled Ture-RMS


Current input

Primary side of CT: highest 9999Amps AC

Secondary side of CT: 5Amps AC, allowed over-current: 20%, mini startup current 20mA, permissible overload of input current: 10A (continuous), 100A/1sec (non-cycle), consumption of CT loop: less than 0.1VA

Measurement mode: AC sampled Ture-RMS


Digital input(DI)

Isolated by photocoupler: isolated voltage: 2500Vac(RMS)

Input mode: wet active node

Input impedance: 2Kohm(typical)

Input voltage scope: 5~30Vdc

Closed voltage:  Larger than 10Vdc

Maxi input current: 20mA

Auxiliary source for DI: 15Vdc/100mA



-       Voltage:

Accuracy: +/-0.2% at full range (measured value)

+/-0.5% at full range (calculated value)

Step: 0.1%

Range: 40-230VAC(VL-N,PT secondary side, 120% overload allowed)


-       Current:

Accuracy: +/-0.2% at full range (measured value)

+/-0.5% at full range (calculated value)

Step: 0.1%

Range: 1-120%of CT

Calculated value I3, under 2 C Ts used.


-       Neutral line current

Accuracy: +/-1.0% at full range

Step: 0.1%

Range: 1-120%ofCT


-       Power

Measure: active power, reactive power, and apparent power

Accuracy: active power: IEC62053-21class1; reactive power: +/-0.5% at full range

Step: 0.1%

Range: -9999~+9999MW/Mvar;0~9999MVA

-       Energy

KWH and KWHr

Accuracy: +/-0.5% at full range

Step: 0.1kWh/kwarh

Range: 0~999999999.9kWh/kwarh

-       Power factor

Accuracy: +/-1.0% at full range

Step: 0.01

Range:  -1.00~0.02; 0.02~1.00

-       Frequency

Accuracy: +/-0.2% at full range

Step: 0.01Hz

Range:  45~65Hz



RS485 port

Port mode:  RS485, half duplex, optical isolation

Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU

Baud rate: 1200–38400 

Working conditions

温度和湿度 Temperature and humidity

Relative humidity: 5%~95%, no dew

Working temperature: -10~+70°C

Storage temperature:   -40~+85°C

Outline size (mm): 96×96×72

Opening size(mm)90×90

Weight(g): 350


Applicable standards:

 Outline complied with DIN43700

Safety complied with IEC61010-1

Electromagnetic compatibility complies with IEC60255-22-1










Atmosphere condition complies with :



IEC60529 IP41 front panel


Mechanical performance complies with



Accuracy of KWH complies with IEC62053-21


CEMARK: 73/23/EEC, EMC 89/336/EEC